Hello !
I like to compose, produce and arrange short soundtracks destined for video games. I plan on uploading more of my work here, as I've previously used Bandcamp for my big releases.
I love the sound of the 80s & 90s !

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Posted by ItsSketchyy - 6 days ago


"Liquid Soul" (releases December 7, 2022) will feature 10 songs :

  • Liquid Soul (intro)
  • The Fox
  • Never The Same
  • Into the Flame
  • Dobuita at Dusk
  • Wit's End
  • Smokin' Gun
  • Silk Threads
  • Poolside
  • From Sorrow, to Solace (outro)

It'll be a general funk/house/synthwave album with elements of psychedelic rock, prog rock and jazz fusion.

The mixing and mastering is entirely different, I visualized a shining diamond on a black background and built the sound design from that sole vision.

I've decided to remove the text from the album cover to let you think and create expectations before delving into it, I'll let the music do the talking.

(If I could give it a genre, it'll be Grungified Funk)

(The feedback I've received from my friends and family all share the same sentiment, I'll let you discover by yourself :D)

It's about music I've always wanted to make, it's a showcase of skill, songwriting and musicianship, a culmination of years worth of work (most of the songs were drafts 5-6 years ago, the idea wasn't there but I've had a general theme going on based on music I was listening to at the time).

The album will be danceable, more melancholic sounding, bittersweet with moments of catharsis, it's an emotional downpour.

I'd say it's by far my best project yet. It has the high quality polish of "Mercurial Dreams", transposed to compositions I've never done before, it was my first time working with professional collaborators, ever, the exchange of ideas was immaculate, I've learned so much from this sole project alone.

All songs succeed one another, the (concept) album is meant to be played front-to-back for the best experience.

Now it's time for the questions, ask away !




The cover reminds me a ton of Daft Punks 'Discovery', nice clean and shiny! All those genres you listed are hype, any sweet FM basslines in there?

Certainly ! Lots of interesting basslines, FM included

Are you trying to profit off this release and if so what’s your general strategy?

What DAW did you use?

Was there anything you learned while making this you wish you knew at the start?

I've never tried to profit off any release and I don't think I'll change my mind anytime soon, if people wish to support me, they can do so on Bandcamp.

For the DAW's it's mainly FL Studio with a bit of Cubase but they're the same really.

The biggest lesson I've learned is patience. You don't need to rush anything as long as you keep up a regular and consistent time frame of work, brainstorming, etc. A polished and finished product is better than a barebones good "idea". Letting things ferment for a bit while absorbing various ideas and inspirations from all kinds of sources is always a good thing.